Thursday, October 24, 2013

Travel in India - Chennai Beach

Beach In Chennai

Marina Beach
Marina Beach
       Marina Beach second longest urban beach in the world is in Chennai.....WOW....i am in chennai and staying near to "The SECOND LONGEST NATURAL URBAN BEACH IN THE WORLD".
       I wanted to visit that palace as soon as possible. I woke up in the morning, called my local friend , and told him i wanna visit Marina Beach. He said go in the evening, the days are very hot in chennai. I was excited as  i am going to see one of the rarest things in the world.
       I going there in the evening so i decided to do the most important thing of my life """SLEEP".

      The evening has arrived , i got ready and went out of my hotel. I asked the hotel receptionist about the route to Marina Beach. They suggested me to go and take auto from peter's raod.

   As i said earlier that it is the longest beach in the country, i have to decide where to go on marina beach.
So i asked an auto rikhshaw guy he suggested that Mahatma Gandhi Silai (Statue) will be near from peter's road.
   Then we had to make an very important decision before starting our journey i.e. to fix the fare. The discussion went on for some time and it ended in favor of auto rikshaw  guy. So we are on the way to Mahatma Gandhi Statue, Marina beach. The auto guy said its 5 km from peter's road.
Gandhi Statue
Gandhi Statue

 I reached near the statue in the evening and was able to see huge sea in front of me. It was a week day , so there was not much crowd but the moment was lively. As i moved towards the Sea , i started feeling the breeze. It is a beautiful view.

I removed my slippers and went with my naked feet in water. I saw it had no boundary , where ever your eyes go you can see water.

For the first time i am near to the end of land of my country. It gave me an immense pleasure, when the waves came and hit may foot.

I saw above towards the sky and i was able to see aeroplane flying over the sea. There was a wave of birds in the sky which were flying towards the land in a specific formation.

I felt like i am dreaming. Suddenly, a vendor came near me with Sundal (a dish) and asked me to buy. I said no, but he was not ready to leave me. It took some time to convince him that i am not his customer. I looked around and saw a beautiful horse. 

travel in chennai

  For horse riding they charged me 100 rupees , but it was worth riding that horse on a beach. Then there were many shops selling fishes near the beach. They said the fishes will be tasty over there.I took one and ate it watching the sea water. Then i went back near war and sat on the sand.
  I never realized that the time has flown faster watching this natures beauty. I was late in the evening and sun was setting in the water.
marina beach

  Lot of memories has flown through my head today watching the sea. I enjoyed it , it was a new kind of joy. I got up went towards the road, took and  auto back to my place. I had my dinner in same saravana bhavan ,and went to sleep again.
                               New Things are coming Next Blog Ok

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Travel In India - Chennai

 Welcome To Chennai City

I am sharing my experience with one of our countries beautiful metro city Chennai.
It was used to be called MADRAS PROVINCE before independence.
It was one of the biggest provinces. This City has its own culture. It has its own night life.

I reached Chennai Railways station called Chennai Central by train in the evening at around 4 P.M. (IST).
The weather was warm as expected. I came out of the chennai central railway station. It was crowded in the same way it used to be in Mumbai Central or CST. The auto rikshaw guys started flocking towards me. I was new to this city and was not aware that , using meters in autos is against the law in this city, as mentioned by one of the auto rikshaw guy.

I had my room booked in one of the hotels on Peter's Road, by one of my colleague. I told the address and as the auto guy was well aware that i am new to this city, they were not ready to negotiate on the fare. I took the auto which charged me least among other guys and was on my way to peters road.

 Things looked new but the crowd , traffic , pollution and roads looked familiar, as it was in mumbai. There was an interesting thing i noticed on my way. I saw that construction for metro rails was going on.

 I saw poster of this guy all over the city. I was not aware of this person till i enquired with the auto guy. He is a political leader and belongs to DMK.

Before knowing this i thought he is some kind of hero as his poses showed him as an army general. I asked the driver why there are so many posters of this person. He said in Hindi
"Yahan Sab Aisa Hi Hai", its the same line which we use, when we dont know .

Then i realized that my country follows UNITY IN DIVERSITY in politics too. Let us cut short this discussion, as its of least importance in our blog.

I reached my hotel and came to know that the well known spencer's plaza is very near i.e. on mount road.
So i unpacked my luggage and walked my way to spencer's plaza to enjoy the evening.

I read somewhere that it looked like this in olden days. So i was curious to visit it and see. It was renovated the same old look was retained.

On a week day the kids gaming section was crowded and i made my way to that section. I played games over there and saw lot of kids playing.

Wow, now a days kids spend there evenings here, and not on streets playing games like, kanccha, gillidunda, hide and seek,cricket etc.

My day was ending, so i went to saravana bhavan had one costliest DOSA and went to my room to take rest. It is one of the very famous restaurants in chennai metro city.

Well friends, its the end of day one in chennai metro city.

I will share with you some of other unique experiences in this city as well as its beaches.

Hope it will be useful for you in case you plan for your visit in chennai metro city.

Thank you.....Posting Soon

Sunday, April 12, 2009

travel by local

HI friendsm
my eng is litle bit worst ......dont care............
mumbai is a place where the nearest place a man visits in his day to day life will be 30 mins .......
train is one of the fastest and easiest means......... in western it is form virar to churchgate. in harbour form panvel to central form kalyan to cst.